Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pretty in Pink Bag

How pretty & spring like this bag turned out..... this one was commissioned, the request was for something pink. ... ... i posted the beginnings of this bag on the 3rd. & 19th. of march........ it has a long strap for over the shoulder. the strap can be tucked inside the bag if you just want to carry it by the two handles.
It is made from a cotton sheet that i have block printed, i like to vary the colour as i am not a perfect kind of person, i want the handmade look ...... because it is......there are threads still hanging too!......3 crochet flowers with "op shop" buttons stitched on the back.....
....doilies & fabric stitched on the front with extra running stitches ........ the shoes are upholstery velvet with some embroidery & same buttons as the back , it is fully lined with a cotton fabric which makes the bag much neater & stronger & very useful.
I like making these bags occasionly as they are one-offs, so dont become repetitive, .... hope someone else likes it too. (raylee).


  1. lovely!!..again...I like the Brand name tag too!!..good idea...wonder if someone will recognise the bag before the person again...

  2. thanks, the tag is a bit rough, you might have a better idea? well i hope so!

  3. if it is rough then thats part of its charm...we are reusing and recycling you know....I think its lovely...

  4. the bags are fantastic, looking forward to a new one as the one i have is great but think i could do with a pink one, pretty much the same as this one. My favourite things you make...

  5. thanks for all the lovely commmments!



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