Tuesday, April 19, 2011

First Birthday Gift For You!

I am busy cutting & stitching a "First Birthday Surprise Gift"....... i cant show you yet as it is a surprise! so here is a photo i took one morning recently, when i had one of my other hats on .....the work one, yes i do that sometimes when i can fit it in to my creative time. i have my priorities worked out, dont you know? So if you would like to be in the draw for the "Birthday Gift" please leave a comment , we will draw one name. the draw closes next sunday- 24th. April, 2011. good luck!!. (raylee).


  1. nice relaxing sort of scene..while we wait for comments to roll in...

  2. First impression - looks like the rocks are a path which are beckoning all to step out into the horizon.................

  3. what an imagination you have!

  4. Oo, me! And yes, it does look like rocks on a beach, or a watery impression of one of those Daoist rock gardens in Kyoto...




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