Sunday, May 30, 2010

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The animals went on safari today and escaped me....they had fun time tromping all over the yard seeking escape....I found them but dont know that I'll show them off till I can get a the hang of how they got away!!! They even got Miss 4's family to join the fun...who were supposed to be having a nap....they must have used the getaway car...
Nice goldfish....they still hanging around???

Have you got a gold fish?

Just had to post my goldfish, some of you will understand the question... if you dont .. its ok, thought you might like the quirky creativety of this bowl of goldfish which was a gift from my sister-in-law. she has a way with floral art as well. maybe she will show us some day. i see we have a follower... hooray!! & we are getting some lookers, thank you everyone for taking the time to check us out & for leaving comments as well, we hope you all come back now & then as we will try to keep our blog updated with interesting ,versatile creations. for anyone who cant work out which one of us did what...... look at the bottom of the post..... it will say posted by : either , essemm, jenni or raylee. i have been putting my name in brackets at the end of my post to let you know it was me, hope this helps. (raylee).

Cam O`Flarge

Well here he is,Cam has arrived, in his khaki pants & jungle camouflage shirt. (raylee).

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hanging around waiting,...& waiting.

One of these dolls doesnt look very happy, at least she has a face, the pirates dont know whats going on, they are blank but maybe they can hear, their ears are big enough! They will all be happy soon, i will show them when they are complete. (raylee).

Sunny cats

The sun is shining today so the cats are happy. (raylee).

Monday, May 24, 2010

kitchy is the word?!

well well some proof of my latest creativity using recycled fabrics, buttons, beads and ribbon. Just trying to create something unique and intriguing :) hope you like them x

changes :)

Hi everyone,

sorry for the frequent changes to the blog design just trying to find one that works for us and you to read. I promise it'l stop soon.

jenni x

Friday, May 21, 2010

Cats out of the bag!

These cats couldnt help themselves, they had to come out of hiding.... to enjoy the autumn sunshine.So glad they did..... its raining today...but thats Noosa weather!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

And another bag -

I will get over it , im not really into repetition, its just a phase - this is the first bag i made to Cath Kidstons pattern. I use it for my knitting - some days i sew & sew & some days i do other stuff .

Another Bag - my design this time

Another Bag

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Cloth Bags

I made this bag from a pattern by Cath Kidston which was in "Country Style" magazine, January 2010 edition. I used calico, block printed for the outside & lined it with a cotton I found at an op shop. I added a doily, an applique and some vintage buttons to pretty it up. The top of the bag folds inside or pulls out depending on what you have to carry.

Monday, May 10, 2010

time for new things

Well hello everyone...I hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day weekend...keeps us busy with family and catch up....
I have finally put some more photos on the computer so here is a bit of what I've been doing....
small handsewn toys are my thing at the moment....have found some old patterns so have played with a few....Miss4 is very taken with them and helping with ideas for more....
Big sister doll ( Lollipop ) has new friends as well, although apparently it is her family!!! and they like to sleep a lot so we have to make pillows and blankets so they can have lots of rests....
I have been playing with milk bottles and making boats and cars and buses..... you may need some imagination to see what I tried to achieve....miss4 gives instruction for the cutting.....but nothing is a failure...she wont let me throw it away....she makes a new use for it....but she doesnt realise she's recycling.....we've been camping with tents and played in the playground with slides and had accidents where we need a bandage or two as well as hunting dinasaurs....

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dolls & Frames

these frames cost $2 each, second hand, i stuck bits of sticks, feathers & found objects collected from the edge of the lake onto them.
big dolls dress is made from remnants, an old shirt & a doily. the smaller doll is dressed in two napkins (from the op shop) & old buttons from the grandma tin.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Blue Bird in the Berries

Blue bird in the berries was created from wire i rescued from the trailer load of rubbish destined for the tip, & beertops, that different people have contributed to my ever growing pile. The bird is wire wrapped with leftover satin, the doily top is fairly self explanatory, this is all i have completed in the last couple of days. have more dolls on the go, should have some more photos soon.

Doll in a Blue Dress

Big Red Dress

Doily Top

this top is made from old doilies that have been tea stained & stitched together, & a vintage button added to fasten it.

Old Doilies- New Top


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