Saturday, January 29, 2011

Angel Picture - print transfer

I have been experimenting with image transfers.... this one worked fairly well. i copied the image in black & white . then transferred it to watercolour paper that had a previous wash of acrylic . when it was dry i added some colour with Derwent Inktense Watersoluble ink pencils, & then i played around with a wet brush in some areas. i like the way it has an aged look where the paper tore as i removed it. (raylee).

Friday, January 28, 2011


Here she is, her name is "Moira"......she is fully dressed from top to bottom, she measures 20"or 51cm. her head & body are made from tea stained calico. the hair is raggy strips of assorted fabrics............ her clothes are made from two satin blouses, a cotton jumper, an underskirt from an evening dress & pink brocade furnishing fabric.

Showing her black lace socks & black shoes.
Her eyes ae a little too close together....... but you get that sometimes! (raylee).

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New doll

This is what i have been doing this afternoon......i started this doll early dec. 2010, ( posted : new dolls . thurs. 9th. dec. 2010), thought i should put her together. she is kind of an experiment to try out the old pattern . i am dressing her differently, & i painted her face & gave her raggy hair. i am working out the design for her clothes as i go along..... see what happens with the top tomorrow......all the fabric is from the op-shop.
........& she has feet!..... something else to think about! (raylee).

Nudge - 17

Thank you list , i used a black artline 200 fine 0.4 & a blue artline 210 medium 0.6 for this exercise. art journal "nudges" can be found at hub bub, which is on our list of blogs to the left of the page. (raylee).

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pretty in pink

Sometimes i find it a bit of a challenge to come up with ideas to reuse all the bits & pieces i have . this is another of those ideas i have had for a while but couldnt decide how to put it all together. so i started with the picture, then sorted through the other bits & found what i thought would work, then put it all together. sometimes i think its a good idea not to think so much........just do it! (raylee).

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Wee Jasper Journal

I have been thinking about this for a long time, but wasnt sure how to start..... so after seeing a photo journal my youngest sister made for another sisters birthday i was inspired to make a start. a cousin & youngest sister have been researching family history & sending me lots of photos. i have been collecting pictures from magazines that are relevant to this subject, according to my memory. i am using the photos & pictures to create pages of memories. i havent started the jounaling yet........hoping that will come to me as i progress . the quote at the top of the page is - "Memory is the diary that we carry about with us" - Oscar Wilde. The painting - "Sunlight and Shadows" - Wee Jasper, by Warwick Fuller. the line & wash drawing unknown. i included it as it is very similar to my first home at Wee Jasper....... .......which was the home of my great grandparents....... this is my great grandmother. she is standing at the gate with her dog at her side. i have collaged some things that i remember from her garden, some embroidery...... she loved sewing, & some calico......she always wore aprons made from calico with something embroidered on them. (raylee).

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Nudge - 15 & 16

Nudge - 16 ....mix black & white to make grey. i mixed burnt umber & ultramarine blue to make a black, then mixed it with titanium white (acrylics). ....... i liked the idea of using i cut & tore pieces of grey paper to make a collage page as well. (i had been trying print image transfers). i tried it on canvas & it was successful, so thought i would try on watercolour paper that had been previously painted with a watered down acrylic wash. i dont think it was dry the girl lost a leg...... oh well , just have to try again. Nudge - 15 .......wear something out of the ordinary, this is kind of cheating, i do wear these shoes , but never with purple stockings! (raylee).

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Still here

No ....we havent fallen off the blog........ just been busy, & somewhat in a state of shock due to the floods. the holidays are coming to a close soon, back to work & kids back to school soon. the ideas are starting to nag me so im ready to start creating again. my paintbrushes need a workout....... so i think its time to get the easel out of hibernation, mix up some colour & see what i come up with. I captured this hoya during a fleeting glimpse of sunshine on a cloudy day recently. nature has a fascinating way of displaying colour,shape, & design....... dont you think? (raylee).

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Rain, rain, & more rain & thunder & lightning! i havent posted any rain photos, you just have to turn on your tv. we are not flooded in yet, but that could change later in the day. i just feel so sorry for all the people who are trying to cope with the devastation & loss of life from these floods. (raylee).

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nudge - 14, Hub Bub

The grid - make up a grid & draw. i used "portfolio aqua sketch pencils"over a watercolour wash.(raylee).

Angel Journal

The back cover of the journal...... i sort of misplaced the photo, but found it today....... Happy Birthday to everyone celebrating in the last few days, wishing you many happy returns! (raylee).

Friday, January 7, 2011

Angel Journal

This post is a bit mixed up, but i think you will be able to work it out. this is the front cover of the journal, made from recycled cardboard & paint sample cards, a bit of ribbon & some bling, old book pages, paper doilies, paint, stencils , printed images , beetroot dyed fabric & textas....... .....the centre pages.....
& the back cover before completion........
....... everyone needs an Angel sometime, dont you think? (raylee).

Angel Journal

These are the pages. i used paint sample cards & added some paper for writing, & some bits of ribbon & bling.
This is the front inside cover finished.....

..... & the inside front & the inside back cover incomplete. this is what i have been making this first week of the new year.(raylee).

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Happy new year

It has been a little bit busy here, lots of rain, lots of cooking, lots of family & friends, eating & merry making. we had an enjoyable Christmas. we started on Christmas Eve with a roast pork & dumplings, glazed ham, potato salad, roast vegetable salad, green beans with garlic, & deserts...... pavlova, lime cheesecake with cherries & blackberries, there was no room for the Christmas cake, it had to wait. ... the next day was an easy going eat when you please kind of day. we had seafood & lots of leftovers, margaritas, lots of music, a bit of singing & guitar playing , swimming, laughing, photos...... a good time had by all! these gorgeous hibiscus bloomed on Christmas Eve. they measure about 6" across.
We wish everyone a happy new year, may all your wishes come true......well the ones that really matter. may the sun come out & dry up all the rain, & may the rain fall on all the dry places that have missed out! & if its snow you have stay warm! ...... if its anything worse than that...... Pray!!! (raylee).


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