Friday, June 28, 2013

Patchwork Throw........365 Creative Challenge 2013

 bits & pieces of  fabric & doilies , some tea stained, stitched to an op shop tablecloth.
 i left the edges raw , washed  the piece  & dried it in the dryer to help fray the edges .
 then back to the pages of paint & collage.......i have caught up with the challenge....will post some more over the weekend to complete six months of daily creativity. 
the time has really flown..... at this rate it will be summer soon, can't come fast enough for me.


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Embracing Grey.....365 Creative Challenge 2013

 catching up with my challenge project.......cutting, tearing, gluing madly to make the halfway mark on time.
 this guy just did away with his hair altogether!......the moustache took up way too much time!
 i liked this one better upside down.

thanks for visiting!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Cuddly Quilt

with the cooler weather here....
I thought I'd better get creative again...
had collected some orangey colour blends...
not normally my colour choice...
and then found a polar fleece throw that needed some attention...
and the maroon colour was also found in some of the floral...
so to me a perfect match...for the backing...
and now a cuddly warm layer for these cold nights..

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Easy Peasy Watercolour Birds on the Wall

   i drew the shape onto a cardboard biscuit box,......cut it out.....

 ......then traced the shape onto the watercolour.
 originally i was going to use the back side as the right way up, the paint had  seeped through to the back of the paper forming speckles....

 this way?, or.....
 ......this way?

what was i thinking?.....when it came to photographing them there was no choice......all those beautiful colours screeched for the limelight.
 which side do you prefer?
i stuck a bit of blutack on the back & put them on a wall (a newly painted white wall that looks grey today as it was raining) for the final photos.
 they could hang from a ribbon or string from the ceiling or in front of a window, & all kinds of paper or cardboard could be used to make them.
also different sizes & shapes could work well together.
the lesson to myself : don't be afraid to cut things up.
 no-one will see them packed away in the paper stash, bring them out & try something different, after all it's only  paint on paper!
do you cut up your art for other projects?
 i hope i have inspired you to try making these easy peasy birds! if so post some & let me know in the comments, i love to see what you make too.

Monday, June 10, 2013

"Say What?"......365 creative challenge 2013.

 collage: torn acrylic painted over old sketch book paper, image cut from magazine & clothing label.
 used land plan  pressed onto wet acrylic on canvas, crayon drawing, tissue paper.
 torn acrylic painted paper, previously a child's pink gel pen drawing. as i was placing these pieces of paper i noticed a lot of "eyes" had formed in the paint. do you see any?
 randomly placed cut & torn papers from magazines, wrapping paper & old watercolours.
 the background for this one was an old watercolour on hot press paper, pink cockatoos from a magazine.
do you have a favourite from this lot?........mine is the first one.
a book i have borrowed from the library.........lots of paper projects to Skye Rogers.
find her at     
 some of you may have noticed i have changed my photo.
 yes this is the real me......i am no longer a rag doll!
thanks for visiting our blog.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bird Collage.......365 Creative Challenge 2013

for these pages i am using an old business diary  ......this page began with a print of a photo i took when i was in Sydney a few months ago, of salvaged timbers used for a shop counter.
 there isn't much of the photo left to be seen under the layers of papers from magazines.
 the colours of the timber inspired the final scheme for the collage.....yellows, pinks, reds & browns. it looked ok at the flower stage but i thought it needed something the bird & the butterflies completed the picture.
sometimes i finish a page, depending on how much time i have .......other days i start the page but don't get quite if some of these pages look incomplete that 's why.

 a watercolour wash to begin with,...... i love playing the run & drip game with watercolours, hessian strip, tea stained paper doilies, brown paper hearts & an angel cut from wrapping paper.
 can you guess what's inside the envelopes ?

walls also done! for the re decorating. one of my favourite things to do. it's like beginning a painting with a bright new white canvas!


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