Thursday, April 17, 2014

What Day Is It Today?......'s our birthday!!
we would like to say thank you to all our followers, & thank you for all the positive comments.
 also thanks to all the people who have a look at what we are doing.
simonne started our blog on the 17/4/ seems a long time ago now.
sometimes i can't believe we have kept it  going for four years!
i still don't think i am a blogger.......just ask anyone who knows me, they will tell you i am the quiet one.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Wee Jasper Journal Pages - ( pre Creative Awakening)

 collaged & stitched pages for the "wee jasper journal" showing photos of "Nell".

 two "cretonne" hand sewn pot holders made by my great grandmother, "Nell".(they still have the black soot marks on them from the black kettle that hung from a hook over the open fireplace).
"Nell" in her younger days.

 i have been stitching the paper pages onto fabric & making tabs which will be used to secure all the pages when they are completed.

an excerpt from the journal:
 "her name was Ellen Mary but she was known as "Nell".
to me she was nana grace, my great grandmother. she lived in a small house built by the men in her family, from timber cut from the bush. (this was also my first home).
the floors were dirt, the walls were papered with newspaper & magazine pages to keep the draughts out.
no running water, it was carried in kerosene tin buckets from the river.
no electricity. kerosene lamps & candles provided light, we went to bed early!
there was a fuel stove & an open fire in the kitchen, which was the dining, living area, no lounge room.
washing up was done in a dish with boiling water from the black kettle that was always on the fire, & sunlight soap.
her days were filled with work. washing was done in a copper tub with a fire underneath to boil the water. the clothes & linen were moved around with a long stick & when they were clean, lifted out steaming with the stick & had to cool before they could be wrung out by hand & hung on the line with the long prop in the middle to keep the line up.
a blue bag was added the water to make the whites whiter!
she had a vegetable garden, fruit trees, & a flower garden. chooks, turkeys, dogs & cats & cows for milk. she made her own jams, pickles & preserves & still found time to make clothes & furnishings  & she sewed her own aprons from calico with embroidered "crinoline ladies", also tablecloths, doilies & potholders etc.
next to the fireplace there was a small window & hanging at the window were curtains made from a pink floral that nana grace called "cretonne". i have two worn tattered potholders made from those curtains.
her "waste not, want not " ways have stayed with me.

Friday, April 4, 2014

How Do You Like Your Eggs?.........In Cross Stitch???

 in an  old rusty frying pan?
 how about some roses on that old rusty bucket?, or tin?, or that old watering can?

 wow everyone with a daisy door, car door that is!
another library book with lots of arty people & their creations: "the new artisans" by olivier dupon.
always something to catch the eye at the local library.
some links to just a few of the artists included in this book, well worth a look! : wire sculpture  : wallpaper & stitches
manon : recycled fabric : recycled materials/ chair covers  : cross stitch : printing , cover image on the book.

thanks for stopping by.......have a happy weekend!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

On My Work Table Today......

 ......oil paints.......the subject  for this lesson: "trees".
art class is really trying me out,......but it's all good.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Chenille Pillowcases With Applique

 after reading "Alabama Style Studio" by Natalie Chanin, which i found at the library i was inspired to do a little bit of hand stitching. also trying to decrease my fabric collection.

 this old piece of chenille had some small rust stains, the rest of it was in good condition.  instead of trying to remove them  i made french knots with embroidery thread on top of the stains in a rusty colour to blend in. (you can see a stain in the centre of the photo  if you look closely).
 cut some petal shapes from scrap floral cotton, machine stitched them around the french knot centres, then hand stitched the petals with a running stitch.
 two new pillowcases from old fabrics found at the op shop.
included in the book there are tutorials & patterns for projects & clothing, & recipes.
 Natalie Chanin is a very generous author. lots of hand stitching, reverse applique, embroidery, ideas for using leftover fabric, easy to read & lots of descriptive photos.
you can see her here.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Scrappy Ladies

and after a bit of consultation...
the ladies have been finished...
and now cover the front of a cushion....
 while I was sewing the cushion...
I also had time to finish the backing on this latest quilt...
this material was gifted to me...
when I was looking for grey and black colours a while ago...
I found the bag and had enough to get this made..
just a top and cotton backing...

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Stitches in progress

when I should be working on finishing this...
it only needs the backing to be sewn on...
I have been still working on the little bits of scraps...
remembering that I can work quietly...
with bits on my lap...
and just cutting or hand sewing...
and all that stuff I don't want to throw away...
can be used for something else...

hexagon shapes that I found in a tin...
have been joined by some more scraps...
and colours...
hope it will be a cover of flowers when finished...

then yesterday I found this photocopy...
given to me by my Mum many years ago...
she said that she always wanted to do something like it...
and wondered where it had got to...
so I had a bit of a play with my scraps...
and this is what I'm now working on...

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Monochromatic Colour Scheme......

......landscape in acrylic.
 today's art lesson was "how to paint a water scene in watercolour".......what a disaster!
i don't know what possessed me to attempt it.......watercolour landscapes were never a priority for me.
having not painted with this medium for many years, it was a shock to the system.
 my first attempt was discarded & the next nowhere  near finished.
 i came home from class & looked through my old watercolours to see if i had ever been able to paint water.......i found a couple, so back to the drawing board i guess.......or leave it alone, maybe?

so i have posted my  "acrylic landscape" from a couple of weeks ago.
 the lesson was painting "aerial perspective in a monochrome colour scheme".
the palette knife is growing on me.......i started with a brush but kept looking for the knife, it suits my "give it a go, see what happens attitude". i like that i can "feel" where the paint is going on the canvas.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Three Gold Stars - Mixed Media Painting

 today is the day i stop playing with this artwork! has been on my table for weeks between other projects i have been adding bits & pieces to this one.....

 a bit further to answer a question from the comments for the  previous post.......yes it could have been finished at this stage, but it becomes quite addictive adding layers & layers of paint over all that texture......just to see what happens next!
the idea for this painting came from "cloth paper scissors magazine, september/october 2010, issue 32 from a tutorial by lisa kesler."
i usually brush excess paint onto what ever is close by, while painting this one it was the pages of  an old book.  towards the end of the painting  i  brushed the excess paint onto  the inside cover.
 i like the simplicity of this "painting".


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