Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pyjama morning.......

This morning , about 6 am, i decided to do some more sewing, but thought i should take some photos before the project was completed. so after a couple of photos of the sewing i found some other things i have been making, so more photos,then i went outside & took photos of the garden...... in the back yard, ok i took one just outside the front gate! an hour had passed! school holidays still, so kids wanted help with their projects, another hour gone.......... everyone hungry now .... one wants porridge, one wants toast & vegemite, another wants eggs. so i made all the different breakfast orders, & kept going while i was in the cooking mood & made a pasta dish for lunch & some baked butter rice for dinner, by this time it was about 10 am ....... so im still in my pyjamas, go back to my sewing , after the kitchen clean-up. its lunch time ........ already? (raylee).

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Get organised

Thats what im trying to do at the moment, when things dont work out i have a tidy up...... go through all the clutter, which isnt really clutter, it just looks that way after a while. put it all in boxes , baskets ,bags files & label everything so that i can find it when i want it.sometimes thats not easy as i dont have a very big work space, dont get me wrong, im glad i have some space. i just have so many things i want to do , & so i collect all sorts of bits & pieces for the different projects i have in mind. the older i get the more i want to try, so you see what i mean. the other thing ive noticed is the older i get the faster the time goes! when my head gets cluttered i find a complete break from creating does it for me, like a walk ,or a boat ride or reading.... the kind that takes you to another place. clear head , tidy work space & im ready to try again! (raylee).

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Cloth dolls

Tried a couple of new doll designs last week , total rejects, sometimes things just dont work out how you imagine they will. it all looks good in your head ...... but when it comes together..... or not...... oh well try again! hope this week is more successful. (raylee).

Friday, September 24, 2010

Ship Ahoy ....its a girl thing

Its school holiday time this is our effort at creating ......yes its pink, we are girls but we like boating & fishing too. we used an old shoe box,wrapping paper , bamboo sticks, doilies, beads, felt & glue, some buttons & drawings to decorate our ship. i found the inspiration at "ann woods blog," she provided a pattern too, i didnt follow it exactly, just used the idea to make my own simplified pattern. it was easy & didnt take long to make, just had to wait awhile for the glue to dry on the paper mache part, after that with help from little hands it was done. (raylee).

Sunday, September 19, 2010


The idea for this doll came from the purple tie dyed fabric in her dress, which said 60's, hippie, stylish but casual. all her accessories are from the op shop. she is from the same pattern as the other dolls, the only change is her painted face. i made her on the full moon last month . (raylee).

Monday, September 13, 2010

home bodies

things all quiet on the home front...
these are the home bodies....
the guys who loll about waiting for someone to come and play...
and they do get quite a bit of rough and tumble at times...
then they have a bit of a kip in the big basket till they're found again...
what a life...

Monday, September 6, 2010

The day after

I sometimes find the day after much more interesting than the actual occasion , event or whatever it is that you have attended. all the bits & pieces , observations, conversations ,snippets over heard, fleeting glimpses , funny accidents & goings on that happen when a lot of different people get together. it all comes out the next day, when everyone relates their stories of the previous evenings events. everyone has a different story to tell , & you learn what has happened that you have missed as not everyone is in the same place at the same time. its good to sit around the table & hear the stories & have a laugh with friends & family after such occasions & learn that everyone had a good time. (raylee).


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