Friday, March 18, 2016

Image transfer/mixed media

 Image transfer on old book page with gesso undercoat & cobalt blue acrylic around the edge of the pages.
I found this image a long time ago in a National Geographic magazine.
When I paint I brush excess paint onto old book pages etc. As I did this I noticed the words " this is what she wrote" at the top of the right hand page....this page just so happened to be the one I had chosen for this image this was my inspiration for this artwork.
 Collaged a paper border with printed handwriting on it onto the canvas board.
 Then added the book page with gel medium. When it was dry I added the corner collage pieces.
  Last of all crayon which I smudged with my fingers to soften the overall appearance of this picture.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Art today....texture & layers of paint

On my work table......mark making, paint layers, creating texture with palette knife, stencils, stamps (from recycled found bits & pieces) & impasto gel with acrylic on canvas.


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