Saturday, April 9, 2011

Flights of Fancy Journal update

All these pages have been stuck together, two pages at a time to strengthen them, with the glue that gets left behind in the glue stick. just thought you might like to know ........ .......this much glue is usually wasted.......the blob next to the nail file, that i used to retrieve the leftover glue.

Three pages from the journal..... the last one i made a while back has now found its place. it has progressed, the journal has developed a theme - "things with wings" , eg. angels, birds , butterflies etc. the word bird appears in the text on the pages with flowers, & there is an angel on the "live" page, & the front cover has an angel too......a couple of posts back, if you would like to see it. (raylee).


  1. Cool! I really like this, it's very whimsical and vintage and lovely ^-^


  2. I agree...will be an interesting book to actually look through...very nice!!



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