Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Birthday to us!!!

Well...we've been here for 1 year already....who would have many things have happened in the last 12 months...a big thank you to the southern girls for their support and efforts to help get our creations out into the market scene....
Cheers to Raylee with all her creativity and her ability to get things done....we have lots of lovely people checking out our blog and giving positive feedback and encouragement in their has been an amazing experience learning about everyone elses talents...and we're still finding new places to see these amazing creations... Some of my favourites includes the lovely Eloise (Dec 17 2011)....who went to The Mirabel Foundation who collect soft toys to distribute to worthy causes....I hope she found a lovely new home....thanks to Pip at MeetMeAtMikes who is a champion with community involvement.... I have also enjoyed watching Raylee's particular the Wee Jasper Journal which will be a treasure for the family in time to come....many beautiful pages have also been created in the Nudge series...check them out too.... After the dramas with floods and earthquakes we got involved with Crochet a Rainbow organised by the lovely Sarah London.....and sent some granny squares to be made into rugs for needy people.....and she helped with a contact in Japan for more woolies to be sent on...I hope our little bit helped in some small way....if everyone did a little bit for someone else, we'd all be better off..... Miss Henrietta (June 14 2010) was probably my star...she was photographed in all her splendor by the lovely Jenni....and she was a hit in my small world for a while.....although her elephant mates were a close second....trailing around the garden... I think we've come a long way...and I hope we grow even more in the time to come...thanks for watching....come back and say hello sometime....

to celebrate we would like to give you a present

all you have to do is make a comment

between now and next Sunday

the comment will be chosen at random

and the winner will receive a surprise from us


  1. thank you, & thanks to you Simonne for getting us started....HAPPY FIRST BLOGGING BIRTHDAY!!

  2. Happy blogday! What a lot of you have achieved over a year x

  3. habby bday from QBN :)



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