Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gesso Printing Over Acrylic

Sometimes i try things to see what happens........ after the acrylic paint had dried on these journal pages (from "Flights of Fancy"), i had some gesso leftover from another project so used it to print on the acrylic.......very subtle.....on the yellow page..... ....more visible on the orange/purple paper.

The "Wonders" stitched collage is now in this journal , if you look closely you will see there are birds & a dragonfly in the picture, it fits the theme of "winged things".

School holidays are here, so we have been doing some crafty things, Easter is almost here too , so will post some of these activities soon....... what are you up to today? (raylee).


  1. I must have missed this one...its lovely get such wonderful combinations...

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