Thursday, August 21, 2014

"Does Your Mum Like To Knit Too?

having a bit of fun mixing the old with the new.
 it's hard to tell what these two are really saying or thinking.
i couldn't resist colouring that jumper with fluoro  pink & orange.
found a couple of old knitting books at the op shop.
layered the old photo from the knitting book over a page of knitting instructions from a new  magazine, painted with acrylic & water soluble crayon.
stamped a border using a cork &  fluoro orange acrylic....

the joy of wool?........i say the "joy of paint"!


  1. clever cookie...the boys look so sceptical of their new vests...lovely image and what you've done to it...great caption...

  2. What a cute page!!! And it is rather hilarious. You must have a fantastic sense of humor. - I was just wondering around the internet and saw your blog. Thought I'd say hello! Love your work.



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