Friday, August 8, 2014

Creativity (Blog Hop)

 little girls trousers made out of a pretty skirt that didn't fit anyone...
 mat for the loo made out of old towels...
 starting a "quiet book" for Mr one

 not anywhere finished though...
trying to get inspiration with shapes...

we have been tagged by Katie randomnest to play a game of tag.

#1)- what have been the doings/makings/scribblings at your desk over the past week or so?
like Katie we both have a computer desk, but create all over the house, inside & out.
sewing & collage , kids craft gluing etc. on the dining table.(not on the same table, we live approximately 250 k from each other).
crochet usually in the lounge room while watching television. there are bags of yarn hanging on the door handles, & sometimes large pieces of completed  crochet  spread out on the dining table along with books & magazines, usually art related. all of which has to be moved when we actually sit at this table for meals ( when it is too much we eat outside).
my eldest grandson helped my husband extend our carport to give me more space to set up easels for painting, so most artwork happens outside. i have shelves & two cupboards for art supplies in the carport but still have an array of art related materials  inside, (books, journals, papers, fabric, glue etc.) Simonne has similar stashes, but she tries to keep it all in one room (i think).
when i asked Simonne if she would like to play this game her response was: "OK..... sounds like fun", but she has decided to post her *bloopers*, which i thought was very brave of her, things that she would not normally post.
this is a good idea as not everything turns out how we expect it to. all the photos are *Simonne's creative doings*, i don't see anything wrong with any of these.
as for me i have been painting ,which in my case takes a lot of time to do. i have taken some photos but haven't taken the time to actually post on the blog, yet.

#2)-Where are you currently finding your inspiration?
my family - a very creative lot, all in their own ways.
art class - my tutor Lyn Fraser-Roberts, class members
internet , television, books, movies,
garden, birds, animals
Seth Apter the altered page

#3) - how important is being creative to you & how do you blend this with your work/life/family balance?
being creative is very important to me - if i didn't create i would go nuts!
some people probably think i am nuts anyway.
one of the best questions i have been asked was: "you're not left brained at all , are you?"
my family are used to me by now. i do the things that are at the top of the list & have to be done.
i have found it's all about what is really necessary at this particular point in time & what can wait for another day.
 spend time with the kids & family, they won't remember if your floor was swept, but they will remember that you taught them to draw, knit, sew, crochet, paint, hammer, drill, plant seeds or whatever it is you do!
now i am going to invite lay hoon from, a very creative, busy & talented artist i have enjoyed reading her blog for a few years &
also a fairly new blogger who has caught my eye: Andrea from to participate in this *blog hop*.
their addreses again if you would like to check them out
lay hoon: mescrap &
thanks Katie!
(simonne & raylee).


  1. well done Raylee...well said...creativity comes from seeing something interesting and for me it's usually finished it's life...mainly from fabrics...can be the colour or the weight and feel of it...the crocheting and knitting come from my Mum's encouragement to use up her stash...which started when she used to spin her own wool...keeps me out of mischief...that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!

  2. In love it! so well said about how the children won't remembere a swept floor. I must remember that. as with all good words of wisdom, I like to note them down and plan to burn them into old bits of pallets to hang as signs around the house? That might have to be one of them. Thank you for taking part. you are both so inspirational. I'm off to check out your links now!

  3. thanks again to katie for tagging us for this blog hop, & thanks to simonne for adding more of her thoughts on creativity.
    eagerly awaiting what comes next!



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