Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Pretty & The Not So Pretty

 Pink Shoes.....corrugated cardboard, paper doilies, wallpaper & acrylic on canvas.
 following on from our previous post * creativity blog hop* katie-randomnest, i am sharing some of my messy behind the scenes photos.
 just two of the  not so tidy shelves  where i paint & store a lot of  "stuff" used in my mixed media work
 Simonne shared what she called some of her "bloopers"......here are two of mine, paintings of rocks that i thought were "crap".....

 ....this one i didn't even bother to finish.......some days the creativity just doesn't happen.
 i find these are good times to tidy, sort, rearrange & look at some of the things that have been forgotten in the muddle of  all the bits & pieces i have stashed for future projects.......usually i find something that re-inspires me to start again.
 as the work space gets tidier my head space seems to clear as well.
the good thing about acrylic is being able to paint over & start something new!
thank you to all our visitors for stopping by.


  1. well... art is in the eye of the beholder!!...I like both the landscapes....you could find those scenes in the outback...at a billabong or on the road out there somewhere....good stuff...not bloopers!!....remember the old rusty car that I liberated years ago...I still have it and like it...the others are just backgrounds waiting for your creative touch...we'll see when you've finished playing with them...

  2. yes i do remember, took me a few seconds though!
    there is another oldy on my facebook art page (dated) , not as old as the car.
    thanks, & you keep the others to your self!

  3. Beautiful art!!!
    I'm already following...Kisses



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