Monday, July 1, 2013

Chenille Denim Slipcover for a Book - 365 Creative Challenge 2013

the last couple of mixed media collage pages from my altered book for june, image courtesy of thegraphicsfairy, & a slipcover made from the legs of old denim jeans courtesy of simonne.

i left all the edges raw,,,,,,just stitched around the cover with the end bits folded into place & added another row of stitching for a firm fit. gave it a wash & dried it in the dryer to fluff the cut edges.


  1. very clever...going to be a tactile experience as well as eye boggling...nice one..

  2. Pretty journal pages, I like the mix of so many colours. And the book cover - yummy. Through it in the washer too, and it will fray a lot more.



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