Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunshine in Sydney

 last summer i spent a few days in Sydney, NSW.......perfect summer weather........i miss summer especially now as our weather is  the dreary grey winter version.
these two photos were taken in Chinatown, the colours of the shop fronts match the trees.
i wonder if they did that on purpose?
 some exercises for the 365 creative challenge 2013, from "surface treatment workshop" - "explore 45 mixed-media techniques", by darlene olivia mcelroy & sandra duran wilson.
these exercise are on old watercolours previously used to try different techniques to create pattern & texture on wet paint with cling wrap, & painting over watercolour with gesso, from art class......long, long ago.
nothing precious has been torn up ......yet!

 this one is newspaper glued onto the watercolour, then pulled & rubbed away in some places while still wet.
 here i have stamped over the newspaper when it had dried with acrylic on a wooden block .......the small bit a the top is the same stamp  just on watercolour.

 ......this one has some moulding gel stamps with plastic lids & acrylic stamp with corrugated cardboard. the images came from a Sydney tourist magazine.
& for something different, have a look at beth conklin.


  1. busy the way you show the start then the finish...chinese theme...nice

  2. What a pretty colourful street!

  3. Love these techniques--they create such beautiful textures! Thanks for sharing!!



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