Friday, July 26, 2013

Mixed Media - 365 Creative Challenge 2013

 i used naples yellow, permanent sap green, brown madder, cad yellow light, prussian & ultramarine blue & vermillion, sometimes  mixed & sometimes straight from the tube, & sometimes watered down.........

 moulding gel in alphabet stencil over watery acrylic, when dry i painted over the lettering formed from the gel moulding medium.

there are lots of exercises to explore to create mixed media surfaces, i am trying some from the book "Surface Treatment Workshop" by Darlene Olivia McElroy & Sandra Duran Wilson.
thanks for looking at  what we are doing. we enjoy recycling / upcycling, re styling, re building all sorts of things......hope you do too!


  1. sometimes I worry about what you rip up and re-use...pretty stuff I would probably put on my wall...but anyway its all fodder for the creative workings of your brain....nice work...

  2. and great foil work too...very effective...

  3. Wow. And I've never heard of moulding gel! Interesting!

  4. I am so super impressed by your fantastic textures, brilliant ideas, and use of materials!! Truly wonderful! That aluminum piece is luscious--it looks liquid! Thanks so much for your kind comment today! xx



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