Saturday, July 13, 2013

Crochet Pillow Case & Continuation of Bedroom Makeover/ 365 Creative Challenge 2013

i chose  yellow.......a colour i don't use very decided a little bit would be ok to add some zing to the blue/grey/purple colour scheme.
 i almost threw the lemons in the bin a couple of weeks ago but something stopped me. i like little touches of the unexpected.

 the back of the pillow case,....... the chenille, the vase, & the clock are op-shop finds. the bedside table & bedheads were kerbside throw outs.

i am almost finished in this guest room, just deciding on a bedside table for the other side of the bed, & where to hang another picture/pictures?
 this has been a fun project.......the white was like having a blank canvas to play with.....
i might do this again!


  1. very nice as usual...such a clever cookie with all your the feather curtain rod ends...and you'll be a flower arranging wiz too by the looks of it too..

  2. thanks essemm......i think the flower arranging is best left to you though!!



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