Monday, December 31, 2012

Raggy Quilt

 it has a variety of patterns.......plain, stripe, check, geometric, floral, circles, farm scenes, gumnuts &  some hand printed pieces, but i tried to keep the colours compatible.
i used cotton fabrics from shirts, table cloths, curtains, doona covers, pillow cases, sheets & bits & pieces from op shops from near & far. some of the fabrics go back to the seventies, the dominant orange & gold one & the little brown rose print.
 my inspiration came from my sisters, they  had  all made raggy quilts a few years ago & i really liked the look & feel of them  i wanted the edge to be raggy too so i cut bias strips from the shirt fabric & stitched it around the quilt to secure the outer squares before cutting.
happy new year to all!! 


  1. nice now it's done...looks great...hope the recipient loves it...

  2. There is nice.
    The square pattern is all times favorite.
    Happy New Year!



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