Thursday, December 27, 2012

Boys Presents Handmade

Christmas day was a perfect summer day here........but a couple of boys received warm winter crocheted beanies........the black one was sensibly put away until the winter chills arrive, but the Christmas one was worn on the day. he did get a surprise when he opened the wrapping , his face lit up & he promptly placed it on his head.....i don't think he has taken it off since.
 the response to the plastic patchwork bag made from shopping bags & trimmed with some braid bought at the op shop was just as good, his comment...."that's the coolest bag ever!"
 sometimes smiles are the best presents you can get.
 how was your Christmas?......i hope it was a happy one!


  1. I cool are you!?!...what great nice that he enjoyed them straight away...good job...



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