Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sketchbook Challenge - December : "Gifts"

This doll was a gift for Christmas when i was thirteen, her name is Marika. she now sits under a glass dome as her legs are broken, the hard  plastic cracked,  her eyelashes have fallen out, her hair is kinda matted, she has lost her socks & shoes. there once  was a pink rose pinned to her dress ,  but she is still beautiful to me.

i have another mixed media artwork over at thealteredpage today, courtesy of Seth Apter.
Seth is a mixed media artist & author from New York, he organises different art collaborations, well worth a look. you will find lots to see & heaps of information about art & artists.


  1.'re early...or on time...lovely've captured your treasured doll...she's still lovely...
    good on you for the work on Seth's challenge...

  2. thank you.....i challenged myself further.....i drew the one on the alteredpage with my left hand.



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