Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Wee Jasper Journal

A new page for the Wee Jasper Journal completed.....i think.....there is always room for a bit more. The man on the right is my uncle, & the one on the left is his late uncle. They look like they are dressed to go to town. It was not uncommon for travellers to stop on the road either going to or coming from town in those days, more likely to happen on the way home though. I have added some stamps which could relate to the times, also shows some of their interests & other places that they lived & worked in. Brown paper was used to wrap just about everything in those days. The red paper is from a packet of Tally-Ho cigarette papers, Log Cabin was the preferred tobacco .
I thought it interesting that they are both almost in the same position, especially the hands. (raylee).


  1. wow...you have been busy...lots of memories..

  2. i have new inspiration for this project....will show you soon.



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