Thursday, September 29, 2011


A cushion cover made from different bits of fabric, some given to me , some found at op-shops. Inspired by......

....... "etc." - creating beautiful interiors with the things you love. by Sibella Court. I found this book at the library. As soon as i opened it I knew i would love it!

I was inspired by the Introduction: "This book is about slapdash styling & deconstructed decorating solutions. It's filled with things that inspire me & may in turn excite you or trigger ideas for your own home. My hope is that when you flick through the pages you'll begin to look at your possessions from a new perspective & be encouraged to confidently reshuffle, pin, paint, paste, scribble, & organise your interiors so they feel all shiny & new (even if all you love is weathered & old!)". (raylee).


  1. sounds like our sort of book....nice cushion too..

  2. thank you, i covered the "miners lounge" with hessian & this is the first cushion for it...... i think you would like this book, its not just the contents, its the whole presentation & the way it has been written. because its by a stylist each picture is an art work, in my opinion.

  3. "miners lounge" with hessian?? it rough hessian...sounds different...when do we get a photo??...I think the cushion will go great with it...

  4. Fun stuff! My wife likes to do similar types of works using "scraps from her stash" as she calls it!

  5. yes, rough hessian.....just the seat part....will show you soon. things slow down here in the school holidays. should get more cushions made this week.....i hope!



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