Wednesday, October 5, 2011


These cushion covers are made from op- shop fabric finds, except for the stripe which i bought new a few years ago to make a cover for a divan, this is its second time around so it counts as being recycled. The yellow floral i cant remember when i found it, but it has : "Batavia"....Cyrus Clark Co. Inc........Everglaze 1977 printed on the selvedge.
I wrapped & pinned hessian around the seat cushion of the "Miners Lounge". A temporary arrangement, i wanted to see if it was too scratchy before i went ahead & stitched it. The brown floral was a skirt, & the plain brown a piece of furnishing fabric. The blue one i posted earlier includes bits of an old white chenille bedspread given to me by Simonne a long time ago. I used it as a bedspread then a curtain.

For the stripey cushion i knitted strips of old fabric from clothes, on chunky needles, tied on some old buttons i found in the grandma button tin with brickies string.



  1. your memory for the history of the fabrics is amazing...looks really good..the combination too..lovely...

  2. good if my memory worked so well for other things.....alas it does not!



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