Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge Catch-up

Just a little bit behind with my sketches.......this is the August challenge..."every day items". I used a tea-pot with a broken handle, & a small glass bottle, an op-shop find, the rest of the items are imaginary. i did a quick sketch with an "artline o.5 drawing pen", then coloured with "derwent inktense watersoluble ink pencils", then brushed with some places i went back with a wet pencil.

It began as a 1 page sketch but i wasnt happy with it , so i cut it down the middle & cropped the part i didnt like. i think cropping made the subjects more intimate. the teapot is yellow, another colour i find difficult to use sometimes. so i decided to experiment with it in this quick sketch. i always try to make the first attempt work, it doesnt happen all the time but i like the challenge....... what do you think about this process of elimination?..... which page appeals to you?...... or do you think i should have scrapped it & started over again?..... (raylee).


  1. they are both handled the yellow well..I would be happy to look at them...clever girl!!

  2. thanks essemmm, you always say nice things!



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