Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Birds In My Garden

I made this bird from some dead 'Bird of Paradise" flowers, a palm , & the head from a piece of found tree root. I t is held together with a couple of pieces of wire.

This is a "Swamp Pheasant" that comes to visit . It was high up in the palm trees, so i couldnt get very close. Sometimes they walk along the top of our fence. It flew away when it saw me.......

......probably thought i was the scarecrow! (raylee).


  1. wow..aren't you lucky to have such wildlife in your garden...pity the bird of paradise doesnt keep its colour...then it would be magnificent!!! good job anyway...

  2. i forgot to say it was from the "bird of paradise tree". the flowers are blue & white & bigger, still very pretty though. thanks, i was inspired by a magazine cutting from you!

  3. I have also looked at the rubbish from the palm trees...some lovely shapes and colours...even thought of making a fence screen by weaving them...one day!!maybe...



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