Sunday, May 22, 2011

Wee Jasper Journal

Red geraniums seemed to be in my mothers garden where ever we lived. i painted these geraniums from my own garden years ago, found it in my reject pile of watercolours & gave it a new purpose...... .....these sisters both loved their gardens...... the map in the background is of the Cooma-Monaro district where they both lived for quite a few years after they were married (they married brothers from this area).

The next layer is a piece of floral linen, not sure how old it is , but it had that look, to represent their love of sewing.

They were very particular about their appearance, i remember lots of hair curling, making new outfits , straightening the seams in stockings & shoe cleaning was a big thing ......& beads. (raylee).

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  1. oooo....lovely...hope your writing these comments in the book too...brings back lots of memories...I too have a thing for red geraniums but currently have the tropical version...with the ball cluster type flowers...from a previous garden..



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