Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Table runner

Start with a long piece of fabric, to fit your table or whatever needs a runner, add some bits & pieces , i like to mix it up a bit with different textures, colours & designs to give more interest to the runner. add some buttons , puff patches , old patchwork & embroidery thread & old doilies any thing you like really, as much or as little until you feel happy with it. .....this one needs some more before it finds a place to reside. i have used op-shop finds for this project, & block printed the white cotton myself. (raylee).


  1. see it's beautiful...how do you get it right?...that inspiation again!!...very nice

  2. thank you, i dont know, i just gather bits & pieces & add or subtract then move things around until it looks ok to me.i dont always know what i am doing until i start doing it!

  3. do we get a look at this finished???...be nice to see it set up...

  4. yes... its almost done....later this week.



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