Friday, May 20, 2011

Nudge 28 - Tape

This weeks nudge instructions were to use still using my reject watercolour paintings, i wrote the meaning of the word tape, from the "collins english dictionary", across the top of the page. i stuck double sided photo adhesive tape over the paper to preserve the light colour, added some watercolour inktense pencil, then brushed it with water. when it was dry i removed the tape.......the original painting was of a pink lily ( on the left).

the same photo tape & some masking tape & more pencils & water on the other page....

.... when it was dry i stuck on some cassette tape, ( from a broken cassette) also some cotton tape with impasto gel, & some masking tape, stenciled lettering, & more dry pencil. this art journal is an old work diary that i use for nudges, it works well when i use old paintings or sketch paper for these exercises, as i just stick them onto the pages of the diary when they are completed..... most times i have no idea how these exercises will turn out......& most times the end result is a surprise ! ....nothing like i imagined! (raylee).


  1. good stuff...lucky you have a lot of stuff to play with...nice and old...

  2. thanks , most of it is from art class, the tape from the cheap shop for a few dollars... & you know i keep all sorts of stuff.... thats why i am always de-cluttering!



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