Monday, May 30, 2011

Inspiration? - (Flights of Fancy Journal)

Inspiration - where does it come from?....Everywhere! Inside, outside, books, magazines,TV, other peoples art, photography, nature....the list is long. I think we are all inspired by someone , somewhere along the way, memories, music, words that trigger a certain time or event that has influenced our ideas. Even the weather can be inspiring. Colour, sounds, nature, i said that already, didnt i?....Lazy clouds drifting across a sky of perfect blue. The breeze caressing a flower till it sways to the rhythm of its own dance. Thats what i want to do - sway to the rhythm of my own dance, yes i need to be pushed every now & then by the breeze of someone elses ideas, gently guided until i create my own take on their creations, not wanting to copy, but use the part that caught my eye, & reinvent it in my own style. We start life influenced by our parents, then teachers, the list goes on .......who inspired & influenced those before us? I think its a circle that never ends, it just grows as we expand our knowledge. We all become teachers when we pass on our thoughts, ideas, trials & errors. Those who learn from us will use the information passed on to them in their own way & hopefully in turn pass it on to someone else......creating that circle that never ends. A completed page from "Flights of Fancy Journal". (raylee).


  1. That's beautiful. It's one of those times I am truly grateful for the internet for being able to see and admire the amazing creativity of others all over the world.

  2. another nice one Raylee...keep them coming..



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