Sunday, February 13, 2011

Printing, Dyeing, Painting

This is what i have been doing, a bit of experimenting with beetroot dye on linen, cotton & doilies. block printing on an old cotton sheet & painting a doll face on cotton. The paisley block is my favourite at the moment.
I like the colour variation from the beetroot dye..... i will mix these pieces with something floral , some velvet & embroidered doilies for a new bag.........

....not sure what this one will turn into yet. as you can see im not a big fan of all gets straightened out eventually! i am slowly making friends with my paints again, after a long period of not painting . painting makes me happy...... so i hope to pass some of that on to you! (raylee).


  1. good to see you're still busy...nice work...I like the face...will be watching to see how she turns out...

  2. your painting makes me happy too

  3. How do you get the eyes to look so real?

  4. by looking very closely, & drawing lots & lots. thank you for taking the time to look & ask a question.



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