Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Nudges - 18 & 19 - (Hub Bub)

"Nothing-ing".....i experimented with plastic & cardboard packaging ,a cork & a stencil with watercolour on a prepainted background to make different patterns, also collaged the white paper. i used a gel pen for the writing. (nudge - 18).
The same again using different colours & different plastic shapes . the straight blue lines are watercolour pencil. Tabs - page markers made from various bits & pieces. for this page i painted over an old hand written list with watercolour, stuck it in the journal & glued examples of all the previously used bits & pieces that i use to mark pages. (nudge 19).

From the front. (raylee).


  1. your book is getting thick...nice work!!!

  2. thank you, when are we going to see some of your nice work?



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