Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hook to Help

Gorgeous granny squares arrived in the mail yesterday from Simonne, i will add mine to them & post them to Sarah London for "Crochet a Rainbow", to help those affected by floods in Australia. the idea is to make & donate granny squares to be made into blankets. the way the weather has been this year so far, i think we are going to need a lot of squares, as a lot of people are going to need them. if you would like to help please go to .......Meet Me at Mikes - Hook to Help, posted 21 January 2011. you will find all the details there ,just click onto Meet Me at Mikes on our blog list at the left of the page. i know you can crochet......... please help. (raylee).


  1. Oh I wish I could crochet. My Aussies's family are Queenslanders (Toowoomba), thoughts are with everyone out there. I shall try and find a hook and give it another go...

  2. thanks for that..I forgot to photograph them before they left...where's yours???...go Roo I'm sure you could come up with something...



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