Friday, February 18, 2011

Nudge - 20 Alter a photo

I chose two photos for this nudge: the " Angel"post -friday february 11, & the "Nudge 15" (shoes) post-tuesday january 18. why? i like the challenge,.......i copied the photos, cut the subjects out, played around with the design until i was almost happy with it , .....glued it together & used the off cuts( background from the original photos )to make a background for the angel with her new wings, & to make the darker border.. ..... all stuck onto a page previously painted with leftover acrylic paint from another painting i am working on at the moment. i added some angel poetry too, .... then some colour with watercolour pencils, & finished off with a bit of gesso. this "nudge" made me think, i know its a journal page but i wanted the composition to work , what do you think? (raylee).


  1. another good job....very clever and interesting use of photos!!

  2. thanks, it was an interesting exercise.



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