Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Three Gold Stars - Mixed Media Painting

 today is the day i stop playing with this artwork! has been on my table for weeks between other projects i have been adding bits & pieces to this one.....

 a bit further to answer a question from the comments for the  previous post.......yes it could have been finished at this stage, but it becomes quite addictive adding layers & layers of paint over all that texture......just to see what happens next!
the idea for this painting came from "cloth paper scissors magazine, september/october 2010, issue 32 from a tutorial by lisa kesler."
i usually brush excess paint onto what ever is close by, while painting this one it was the pages of  an old book.  towards the end of the painting  i  brushed the excess paint onto  the inside cover.
 i like the simplicity of this "painting".


  1. nothing simple about the last one...
    its a boat on your lake as seen through the trees...must have been early or late in the day when the light is golden...nice!
    and the other one is pretty good too...but I did like it at the blue/green stage...

  2. well thank you, i do see a boat. i like it better than the other one, in all of it's stages.
    i'm experimenting: finding a style & what i really want to paint & with which medium.
    & for my next painting, something more traditional?

  3. its all need to keep experimenting and we love the eclectic mix of your talent!....



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