Thursday, March 6, 2014

Creative Awakening - Wee Jasper Journal Pages

 my mum with three of her uncles.
 my great grandmother "Nell". a collaged page for the wee jasper  journal......

 the old wee jasper school where my school days began. here is an excerpt from today's journalling:
 " i  started school later than most kids, i was close to nine! it was 1963, i remember it well as it was the year president Kennedy was assassinated. that was the biggest news during my early childhood.
my older cousin went to the wee jasper school, so my aunty volunteered to take me too. i was not keen on the idea, anyway after a lot of sulking & tears i went with them.
it was a one class room , one teacher school. the ages of the pupils ranged from about six to sixteen.
most of the lessons were all jibberish to me. i had no idea what the teacher was talking about a lot of the time.
i learnt three things at that school,: i hated boiled egg sandwiches,
                                                    lunch time was the best part of the school day, we played rounders i think it's like softball?,
                                                    the third & best of all was the first time we were told to go outside for a lesson.
what a surprise when we were introduced to a pretty young blonde woman - Miss  Nancy Cathles.
Nancy changed my mind about school, she taught us to weave - just the simple kind with wool & a piece of cardboard. this was major for me, i had only seen sewing & knitting until that day.
this was new & exciting & easy. i could do it without help from an adult!, which wasn't the case with sewing & knitting.
from that day on i looked forward to school, well just the days that Nancy came to teach us crafty things."

 some of the kids i went to school with.
 Nancy was a pupil at the school in 1950 (kneeling on the right side of photo).
  i have stitched this page from the journal onto an old doily. i have decided to make a paper & cloth journal using embroidered doilies, calico & cotton florals.
 the embroidered side of the doily is the back side of the page......
a close up of the machine & hand stitching with tabs at the side. each page will have three  tabs.
  when all the pages are completed the tabs will be placed one over the other & held together with  buttons.


  1. nice the fabric collage idea...and the looking back, you started early with the craft....

  2. What a fantastic story and pictures to go with it! I really enjoyed hearing about Nancy. I have been going into the school once a week and bringing small crafty bits to do while spending time with a creative young lady. I have also started an after school art group and I really hope that everyone enjoys themselves and gets something out of it. How you remember Nancy gives me hope and inspiration.

  3. I love to read your stories and look forward to the next one

  4. Interesting that you were close to nine when you started school and I was only four. Big difference from oldest child to youngest. I was not impressed with school either as it meant missing out on daytime tv and interesting visits from Mrs Walker



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