Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Some Days are Diamonds.....Some Days are Not

some of the feathered "gems' that have been visiting the back yard this past week.

i have had an up & down week, this quote more or less sums it up:
"God has blessed me
i have seen better days,
but i have also have  seen worse.
i do not have all my wants, but i do have all my needs.
i woke up with a few aches & pains, but i woke up!
my life may not be perfect,  but i thank God it is good."
i found this quote on pinterest, don't know the author.

while looking through old photo files i found another quote someone had saved:
"tomorrow will be better", i took that as a sign.
yes, each day has been better than the previous one......so i'm moving  forward this week.
i have been keeping busy & hope to actually finish some of the  projects that i'm working on & paintings that are kinda halfway there.
how are things with you?........all going well i hope.

1 comment:

  1. lovely wildlife you have visiting....we get some too...hope your days are continuing to improve...keep busy...



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