Thursday, November 7, 2013

There's Something About Washing Flapping In The Breeze.........

 collage made from cut painted papers.......i looked for colours & patterns in the paint  that would suit the subjects, nothing added......just a pencil line & glue.

 doodling with different black pens........

the pictures of the boy were found in an old children's story book.

 i then found the fabric scrap of the children. this scrap completed the last page along with the alphabet stencil. 
the boy is dressed almost the same as the one from the book. the children on the fabric are characters from an old school reader, i am not sure of the name of the reader though. someone out there might remember it.
 ......& some black acrylic lines added to the bird also from cut painted papers.
 i painted over an old watercolour with black gesso to use as the background, some little bits of the watercolour show through.
of course i still don't know where i am up to with the "365 creative challenge 2013".......i just keep doing something every day.
 it has become a pleasurable habit now.
 i will count soon to make sure i am right up to date.......i never was very good at maths.....
 but i am tenacious.


  1. Fabulous washing line! Yes there is something so nice about that. Especially a freshly made bed that has been dried out on the line!

    1. thanks katie,
      yep, nothing like clean crisp cotton sheets!

  2. all what the bird ended up...and the read me book very clever...



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