Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Fabric Collage & Stitch & Collage Mix - 365 Creative Challenge 2013

i have counted!.......i am up to date as of friday 15/11/2013 with the 365 creative challenge.
this mix of collage, watercolour & embroidery brings me to day 319.
so after almost 11 months i am getting some sort of order happening, not really just keeping  on with it every day.
the idea for the watercolour fish is from the book "freestyle quilts" by susan carlson.
 her website if you like quilting or also if you like collage. her fabric collage is stunning. go on have a look!!


  1. nice work...love the fish...so colourful...lucky babies too...getting fancy singlets...and the leaves...are they real with those colours through them?...

  2. the picture of the leaves is from a magazine.......looks like a photo of real leaves.
    there is no comparison between my painted fish & the "fabric collage" fish by susan carlson, hers are spectacular.
    thanks for your comments.



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