Thursday, November 28, 2013

Post Number 600

always back to front with my photos, anyway........started out just playing around re painting an old acrylic on canvas.
 experimenting with stamping into gel medium, stencilling through a piece of  nylon lace curtain to see what kind of texture would show up, it worked quite well.
i cut bits of the curtain & pressed them into the gel medium, when it was dry i added more paint & some crayon & the collage girl, & a bit of turquoise ink drawing.
 more paint & lace & acrylic circles at the bottom pressed into gel medium, let it dry again & painted the circles.
i didn't take photos right from the start as i didn't think it was going any where.
 i put it away for a while at number 1 & then had another look at it & decided to keep going.
i think it is finished now.......number 3. the canvas measures 8" x 10", 20 x 25 cm.
if you click on the photos you will see all the texture created by the gel medium & the lace curtain.
thanks for visiting our blog today, we love to see you .

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  1. wow...and wow...clever girl...looks great...I think you could do more of this style...very pretty...



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