Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Indian Feathers.......

 i painted the tape with a mix of french ultramarine, turquoise, dioxazine purple & white acrylic & flicked artist's pigmented turquoise ink on while the paint was still wet.
 when this was dry i drew the lines around the edge with french ultramarine straight from the tube with a rigger. 
the idea for this came from the pattern on a piece of old tea towel i use as a paint rag.  
 next step .....while flicking through a magazine i found the feather head dress ......i liked  the colours in the feathers & thought they would look ok with the  paint colours i had used.

 more magazine flicking........found the girl.
 her dress colour & pattern ties in with the tea towel pattern .
 cut off her head, just the right size for the head dress.
 no real idea here yet, until i find the cactus in the aqua drum, colour goes with the turquoise ink, another cactus in a galvanised  bucket goes with the silver /grey of the duct tape.

 painted some more lines on the border with liquitex concentrated artist colour,  interference blue/opal blue.

photos taken at different times of the day makes a difference to the colour.
so there you have it .......nothing complicated, no messages, just whatever gets my attention & colour plays a big part of most of my collages.
a title???..........a little bit...... "running bear meets little white dove?''.......maybe??


  1. Cool collage page, and the title just perfect ~ indian feathers

  2. wow...love it...so you and thank you for showing us the steps....clever work of art!!



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