Thursday, October 24, 2013

Old Chairs - New Look

 the chairs came from the tip shop & the calico from the op shop & the hessian was left over  from a previous project 
 i bought the spotted fabric draped over the chair on the left thinking i would recover the chairs the right way. but when i wrapped them in calico for a garden wedding i liked the look, so will keep the fabric until i think they need a change.

  liked this one so stuck it onto an old book cover & then onto a small canvas. still going strong with the challenge, thanks to ihanna for setting this challenge.
the paper flowers i made from rusty wire, book pages & paper doilies, & metal container, another garage sale find, & the table made from wall boards from one of our old houses we renovated a long time ago.these  have been previously  posted  on our blog, from way back, i can't remember when.

under the covers...... what the chairs look like ......really.

early morning sun on paper flowers.

i would like to say thank you to the graphicsfairy for some of the images i used to make the second wedding guest book recently. there are some photos on the previous post
a couple of links to some very impressive paper work: annawilihighfield
for the wedding i wrapped & knotted the calico & tied the hessian strips around the chairs to keep it all together & finished the look with pieces of old lace tablecloths draped over the backs of the chairs.
 have i inspired you to try a no- sew new look for your old chairs?

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  1. so have always been clever with the revamping of things by a bit of a cover here and a tweak of something there...the wedding setting was wonderful...and the chairs look great in a more informal setting....clever



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