Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Faces in the Mix, 365 Creative Challenge 2013

 collage of magazine pictures, turned up side down, with gesso over the top, written into with end of paintbrush, when dry some watercolour splashes & flicks added.
it says "don't leave brushes in the water" : they will fall to pieces, i should know better.

 image transfer of printed photo over acrylic painted sketch book paper, some of the paper pulled away, a glaze of magenta acrylic, collage text & gesso.
catching features from different faces as they appeared on the screen to make one.

 layers of acrylic over old watercolour , stamped with moulding gel, circles painted with watercolour, when dry a layer of gesso sprayed with water & left to dry. gives a cloudy appearance.
 another face collage with strips of painted paper stuck on, also some sticky tape which i removed after a glaze.
 then a layer of gel medium to form the texture.
 i used transparent acrylic paint glazes, gesso dribbles (the light bits) & more watery acrylic glazes.

1 comment:

  1. clever face...lovely colours...the things that appear as you do the steps...very interesting...



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