Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mixed Media Art Pages - 365 Creative Challenge 2013.

 good morning........hope you are enjoying this sunny sunday morning.
catching up with posting my "365 creative challenge" pages.......
the first one is a collage on old book page with words highlighted & covered with black crayon.

 acrylic bird on previously painted & stamped note paper stuck over an old diary page.
 pva glue & acrylic over old watercolour that was previously stamped with moulding paste & painted with acrylic.
  the acrylic was applied while the pva glue was wet, when it dries it sort of crackles.
 i painted a glaze of prussian blue over the top half just to see how it would look.
 a lot of my pages are experiments, trying different applications & different mediums together to see what kind of textures & colours appear.
i have been keeping notes of each experiment so that i can repeat the ones i like.

 when it was dry i went back into the leaves with white acrylic, & when that was dry i painted the blue bits in watercolour again.
i wiped across the ones on the right of the page with a cloth while wet to soften & blur the look.
this "challenge" is making me a bit more organized in my approach to making art.
i try to have all the different mediums stored in a kind of order to make it easier to find the ones i want to use.
as well as my "how to" notes i also keep a written record of my photos .
yes,.... i know it's a bit old school, but it works for me.
do you have a system to record/remember things you do, or things you want to do?
i would be interested to hear your ideas.

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  1. nice birds and the idea of crayons over the top to highlight stuff...might have to try organised enough....well not in this way anyway...



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