Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Easy Peasy Watercolour Birds on the Wall

   i drew the shape onto a cardboard biscuit box,......cut it out.....

 ......then traced the shape onto the watercolour.
 originally i was going to use the back side as the right way up, the paint had  seeped through to the back of the paper forming speckles....

 this way?, or.....
 ......this way?

what was i thinking?.....when it came to photographing them there was no choice......all those beautiful colours screeched for the limelight.
 which side do you prefer?
i stuck a bit of blutack on the back & put them on a wall (a newly painted white wall that looks grey today as it was raining) for the final photos.
 they could hang from a ribbon or string from the ceiling or in front of a window, & all kinds of paper or cardboard could be used to make them.
also different sizes & shapes could work well together.
the lesson to myself : don't be afraid to cut things up.
 no-one will see them packed away in the paper stash, bring them out & try something different, after all it's only  paint on paper!
do you cut up your art for other projects?
 i hope i have inspired you to try making these easy peasy birds! if so post some & let me know in the comments, i love to see what you make too.

1 comment:

  1. I like these birds...great shape and the decision of which side is the one to use...use colour on the white background and white on a coloured background...easy!!



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