Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bird Collage.......365 Creative Challenge 2013

for these pages i am using an old business diary  ......this page began with a print of a photo i took when i was in Sydney a few months ago, of salvaged timbers used for a shop counter.
 there isn't much of the photo left to be seen under the layers of papers from magazines.
 the colours of the timber inspired the final scheme for the collage.....yellows, pinks, reds & browns. it looked ok at the flower stage but i thought it needed something else......so the bird & the butterflies completed the picture.
sometimes i finish a page, depending on how much time i have .......other days i start the page but don't get quite finished.......so if some of these pages look incomplete that 's why.

 a watercolour wash to begin with,...... i love playing the run & drip game with watercolours, hessian strip, tea stained paper doilies, brown paper hearts & an angel cut from wrapping paper.
 can you guess what's inside the envelopes ?

walls also done!.......now for the re decorating. one of my favourite things to do. it's like beginning a painting with a bright new white canvas!

1 comment:

  1. wow you have been busy....lots of birds and feathers...and paint...and hearts...all looks good too...



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