Monday, June 10, 2013

"Say What?"......365 creative challenge 2013.

 collage: torn acrylic painted over old sketch book paper, image cut from magazine & clothing label.
 used land plan  pressed onto wet acrylic on canvas, crayon drawing, tissue paper.
 torn acrylic painted paper, previously a child's pink gel pen drawing. as i was placing these pieces of paper i noticed a lot of "eyes" had formed in the paint. do you see any?
 randomly placed cut & torn papers from magazines, wrapping paper & old watercolours.
 the background for this one was an old watercolour on hot press paper, pink cockatoos from a magazine.
do you have a favourite from this lot?........mine is the first one.
a book i have borrowed from the library.........lots of paper projects to Skye Rogers.
find her at     
 some of you may have noticed i have changed my photo.
 yes this is the real me......i am no longer a rag doll!
thanks for visiting our blog.

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