Saturday, April 20, 2013

Right or Left Brain?

i'm trying not to think too much about the composition of theses pages, just let things happen.....when i do, blue always comes into the picture......

as i continue this creative journey i have noticed something i didn't realise before......i like borders, like the one around the photo of the vase with pink lilies or just a broken rough line of water colour on the doodle i have looked back on the pages of this altered book i 've found quite a few borders. 
when i first started art classes i looked at a lot of students work , some of it was really neat & precise.......mine was not!
 i found this a bit confusing at first. as my first love is sewing & i was always very precise with every stitch.  now after painting i have found that i am more of a messy person than a neat one, so be it , i am much more right brained than left, is that correct?, anyway you know what i mean.
now i can live with a crooked stitch, whereas before i would unpick it & re-do it until it was right.
 my lines will never be straight & i am happy with that..... are you a right or left brain person? have you made any discoveries about yourself?
 i have another collage artist's blog you might like to look at  her name is laura.    laura has a wonderful way with words, & paper & scissors!


  1. I always thought you would be left brain because of your flair for art....didnt know about the fastidious sewing...just thought you were good!!....just as I believe I'm more right brain cause I have to follow a pattern and keep it ordinary...not much freestyle for me...good job anyway...

  2. an example of a left brain is: they work things out before they begin, much more orderly. right brains are more intuitive see what happens types. how do you work out the designs for your quilts? maybe you are more right brain than you think! thanks for your comments.



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