Friday, April 26, 2013

Paper, Glue & Stitches......

 this was my notes page, but i liked how it was going & it tied in with the previous collage so it became a page on it's own merits.

 some interesting history, then & now phones, & experimenting with paper  scraps  from other collages as they were without further cutting or tearing to make another collage page.

 & i made a cover for the altered book  which contains all the "365 creative challenge " pages so far, from furnishing fabric samples from the op- shop.the wrong side of the fabric.....

 ...& the right side of the fabric......what else but blue?
 tied with leather strips & wooden beads.

" moon angel" from thegraphicsfairy. 
 i like the way the colours of these images blended with the yellow of the book pages  & the grey from a magazine advertisement page. 

lorinda is also participating in the "challenge". to see her collages go here
thank you for visiting.......have a good weekend!!

1 comment:

  1. wow....nice spotty goes well with the have been busy...really like the book cover too...might need a new book too by the look of it...good job...



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