Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Collage, Drawing & Painting- 365 creative challenge

it still applies today.......learning is a never ending journey. this challenge has led me to explore more about collage, & the more i learn the more i like it. 
so i have ventured further to creating a collage painting as part of my every  day creative challenge, & it took a lot of days, so many that i have lost count, i am no longer behind.
 i enjoyed it so much that i just kept going, layer upon layer. i began with pieces of magazine  pages in varying colours of green glued to an old acrylic on canvas ( see below in the second photo), progressed to an image of a child, added paint & gel mediums, more collage,  some stamped moulding gel, repeating the  layers to the stage where i think it is done ......detail in photos three & four....
...if you are interested in my inspiration for this painting  or would like to know more about it  let me know in the comments & i will post  the process in more detail.



  1. so amazing how you start with one thing and it develops into an even more interesting piece...nice work...

  2. thanks essemm!....once i get started i just go with what ever comes next, if it changes from my original idea so be it. if i don't like it i cover it with the next idea!



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